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Wholesale Training

Specially designed for the wholesale florist

“we need help too..”

Over the years many large wholesalers approached Tim asking, “We hear so much about your success with retailers, but we need help too. What can you do?”

So in 2013, again recognizing an area of need in the industry, The Profitable Florist launched WHOLESALE training, the first and only on-site training program in the world specifically for wholesalers.

WHOLESALE training takes place over the course of two days. On the first day staff is introduced to some new thinking and fresh perspectives on dealing with retailers. That same evening an open house is scheduled for your retail customers, featuring a 90-minute business workshop where they will learn the basic principles of the Profitable Florist approach which they can implement in their stores the following day for double-digit increases to their average sale.

Most wholesalers report at least 100+ in attendance since retailers are equally hungry for sales education!

On the second day of training, Tim spends time on the floor and in workshops delving into innovative ways to engage customers and change their buying patterns. The culmination of the visit is a meeting with management to review and plan for ongoing success with the new ideas and approaches.

After recent WHOLESALE training at the DWF location in Milwaukee, WI, the site manager, Nancy Desonia, reported that her team had the highest average sale of all 14 facilities across the country!

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Wholesale florists we have trained!

J and E Wholesale in Amarillo, TX

Pennock Floral in 

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Washington Floral Service in Tacoma, WA

Georgia State Floral Distributors in GA

The Floral ExpressWoodstock, ON

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