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The Profitable Florist is the only on-site and distance sales/service training program in the entire floral industry that teaches critically important customer care skills. You may have wonderful designs and a beautiful store but if your staff does not truly engage customers, your sales suffer. Our training empowers them to give extraordinary service, resulting in double-digit sales increases.

How is The Profitable Florist training different from using a generic customer service video or pamphlets? Simply, we know the flower business – our team has over 100 years of combined experience. We come to your shop (in person or by web) and work with every member of your staff to help them achieve their maximum potential.

We get them excited, focused, and reenergized about dealing with the public. We even take orders with your employees so they can see and hear how well customers respond to the Profitable Florist methodology. Our program is powerful, fun, and practical and your staff will begin using their new skills the very same day.

Our unique approach is based on increasing customer service by listening better, offering educated suggestions, and making a customer feel more comfortable about shopping at your store. We teach to sell by color and size, not price. The results speak for themselves as thousands of flower shops around the world have reported a double-digit rise in their average sale and have noticed customers shopping more frequently.

Please, explore our site and contact us for further information. We look forward to working with you.


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