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Why The Profitable Florist?

We know that florists don’t have the time, energy, or desire to drag the entire staff to hear a generic workshop. That’s why we started The Profitable Florist, to bring education to you! No matter where your shop is, anywhere in the world, no matter how big or small your staff is, we will come to you to empower and energize your team in the comfort of your store. Our approach is easy, efficient, effective, and affordable for all.

While on-site we work with your prices, your designs, your POS system, and your staff to create an exciting new shopping dynamic for customers. We focus on helping each team member increase skills for dealing with sales and service, customers, and recipients. We also role-play and take live calls to demonstrate how easy and effective our process is (and that it will work perfectly with your customers).

The logistics are simple: our office reaches you in advance to share the paperwork we’ll review and set up the schedule for the day. We typically conduct two identical 2.5 to 3-hour workshops, one before lunch and one after. Staff only have to attend one session so while one half of the team is being educated the other half minds the store – you don’t miss a single sale or have to pay any overtime! After the training, we chat with the owner/manager about how to best reinforce our plans. We also offer support through our office by means of webinars and phone coaching.

Most shops have us in for two days but we can stay longer depending on the size of the staff and your particular needs. We are able to tailor the training to your requests. For example, some shops want to focus more on phone sales vs. walk-ins. Others ask us to spend more time training on wedding sales.

The cost for two days of on-site training is $3995 which covers the full days with your team as well as all related costs: ​airfare, rental car, lodging, and meals. The rate is $2995 for shops within 150 miles of New York City.  


An alternative to a store visit is a custom webinar session, covering our core training and presented to your team live online from New York.  See The Floral Confidence Workshop page for more information. 

For further information call 646.678.8100

On-Site Training

Personalized training for you and your team

  • Learning how customers really think

  • The Forbidden Questions
    Sell-By-Size, the core of our methodology

  • Add a Finishing Touch to every order

  • Sell upgraded roses every day

  • Professional Floral Terminology

  • Get more from your POS system

  • Handle web shoppers quicker

  • NEW tool for selling Fruit/Gourmet baskets

  • NEW tool for selling Funerals

  • Test calls on speakerphone to local competitors

  • Role-playing

Here are just some of the topics covered in the CORE training session:

Click here to download the sample of the core training materials

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** SAF and FSN members get a special discount

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