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Your Questions Answered

  • You won’t send many orders if your customers don’t know about this service. We’ll help you get customers excited about sending their out-of-town orders with you instead of going elsewhere, opening a huge, new source of steady revenue. Remember, you’re paying lots of money to be a wire-service member, so why not profit from that membership?

  • Googling a flower shop is unreliable and inconsistent leaving the customer to hold you accountable for the results! It’s much better service to take the order our easy way and send it to a reputable florist, enhancing your reputation and building customer trust. AND you'll make $$$ from the fees you'll collect, the rebates credited to your account and repeat business from happy customers.

  • Our program includes comprehensive training and language to easily handle any issue that may come up. We teach your staff how to effectively resolve any complaints ensuring a positive end result for your customer.

  • Wealth from Wireouts is designed to be seamless and efficient. With tailored scripts, personalized coaching, and comprehensive support, our program requires minimal input from you, allowing you to increase outbound orders without compromising your time.

  • Great! You have a head start. We are going to expand those skills by helping you to take better, bigger orders on the front end and show you the THREE easy steps to ensure all your outgoing orders are accepted and filled beautifully, leading to boosted customer satisfaction. And more profits for your shop.

  • Obviously, the results from our plan will be different for every shop. However, the typical average profit is $35+ per order when using our special process. By averaging just ONE outgoing order per day you will see an extra $1000 per month in pure profit. But expect to send and earn much more! And remember, that success is guaranteed or your money back.

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Exactly what I need!

Drive Double-Digit  Revenue Gains in Just  Weeks by  Sending More Outbound Orders

Drive Double-Digit  Revenue Gains in Just  Weeks by  Sending More Outbound Orders

See how floral business owners, are boosting their outbound orders and enhancing cash flow with the industry's pioneering program—achieving rapid and sustainable growth in just a few weeks.

See how floral business owners, are boosting their outbound orders and enhancing cash flow with the industry's pioneering program—achieving rapid and sustainable growth in just a few weeks.

Exactly what I need!

Drive Double-Digit  Revenue Gains in Just  Weeks by  Sending More Outbound Orders

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What is Wealth  from Wireouts?

Wealth from Wireouts is the trailblazing program exclusively crafted to help florists anywhere to instantly and permanently boost lucrative outbound orders by double digits.
As the industry’s first and only solution of its kind, backed by over 30 years of experience, our method encompasses everything from scripting and coaching your team to crafting engaging social media content and  teaching clever ways to educate every customer about this valuable service.  Our “secret sauce” is designed to significantly increase your profits with outgoing orders easily filled anywhere in the country, to the COMPLETE satisfaction of your customers. 
In today's tough economic landscape, where florists struggle with rising costs and intense competition, Wealth from Wireouts stands out as the quick, easy, and lasting new revenue stream. By increasing customer awareness that beautiful flowers can be sent anywhere in the world, we will help your cash flow to surge. 
Let us demonstrate how a dynamic plan can not only increase outbound orders but also make them more profitable, easier for your staff to execute, and more satisfying for your customers. Join us, and watch your bank deposits bloom! 💐

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These are LIVE webinar workshops, tailored to the specifics of your shop, team, customers and demographics. 
The sessions are recorded for you to use with new hires. Each workshop is designed to be engaging and interactive, 
featuring games, prizes, and challenges to make learning fun and effective. 

Pre-training Meeting

Before the workshops begin we schedule a meeting with owners and managers to 
tailor the program to your staff and market, outline objectives, and set expectations.

Session One

We take a deep dive into learning the sales language, outlining the steps to taking the best outgoing order, locating the best shop to fill the order, and avoiding the most common mistakes. We share recordings of real orders to help your team learn more quickly. AND we make this a fun learning experience for all! 

Session Two

This session focuses on refining the skills learned in Session One, reviewing feedback from staff, and further developing customer service techniques. 
We listen to more recorded calls and teach how to handle any issues with substitutions, missed deliveries and more. 

Session Details:

We are dedicated to your complete success, so we are only accepting ten shops per month into the program. Reserve your spot today! 

Wealth from Wireouts uses an holistic approach, including tailored, easy scripts, personalized coaching sessions, and comprehensive social media support. Our goal is to streamline the process of attracting and sending more outbound orders. 

How Does Wealth from 
Wireouts Work?

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Additionally, all sessions are recorded and archived, 
allowing you to revisit and learn at your own pace.

A weekly email update with new language, ideas,and  tips and tricks to make taking, processing and filling outgoing orders even easier.

Tips from Tim 

Ongoing Support

Besides access to the recording of your session, you will have access to
our private Facebook group for sharing insights and getting help
whenever you need it. 

If you reserve your seat now, you will be one of the lucky TEN florists this month who will get access to the following:

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Tim Huckabee
The Profitable Florist

We are confident about the transformative power of our program. 
Since this is an intense, powerful, and personalized system, we can only work with ten shops per month,
so register before your competitor does! 

Register for Wealth from 
Wireouts and Start Maximizing 
Your Revenue Today!

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As soon as you join, expect a call from us to schedule your workshops


This investment includes:

  • Two interactive, 60-minute LIVE webinar workshops, scheduled at your convenience

  • Comprehensive pre-training telephone meeting with management 

  • A detailed worksheet for each session to reinforce learning.

  • Unlimited support through our private Facebook group.

  • Access to recorded and archived sessions for review at your convenience.

Special Discounted Price of $595  until June 14, 2024

Normally $895

Wealth from Wireouts

Does my shop qualify to join Wealth from Wireouts?

Membership in a Wire Service or FSN

Belonging to at least one traditional wire service and/or FSN ensures you have the infrastructure to efficiently support the dramatic increase in outgoing orders.

Use of Order-Entry Technology

We want members to be using some sort of POS system to facilitate sending and tracking all these new orders.

Have a staff of 3 or more

We want to make sure you have enough support to implement the program. And once started, your order volume is guaranteed to grow!

We stand firmly behind the effectiveness of our program. If you do not see at least a double digit increase in your outbound business within the first six months, we will refund your investment in full. We are committed to not just meeting but exceeding your expectations.

Wealth from Wireouts

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See how floral business owners are boosting their outbound orders and enhancing cash flow with the industry's pioneering marketing program, achieving rapid and sustainable growth in just a few weeks.

Drive Double-Digit  Revenue Gains in Just  Weeks by Sending More Outbound Orders

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Sending flowers out of town is a fundamental service customers have trusted their local florist to provide for nearly 100 years. But something has changed…   too many florists have stopped providing this service or are telling customers to “Google a shop” on their own. Customers count on you for that service, so don’t send them away or tell them you can’t do it. The smart shops are taking steps to win back those easy, quick and profitable orders. You can, too!
You will see double-digit sales growth in outbound orders and have happier and more loyal customers. With the Wealth from Wireouts program, we make it easy to see that surge in business. 

Just imagine the profits  from a few extra orders every day!

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